Ethics and Web Design

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As designers we consult closely with our clients to identify the purpose of the Web site, the intended users, and the goals they wish to achieve through the site.


Our duty to our client is to advise them on the implications of all design decisions, concerning technical design, functionality and presentation.


In questions of aesthetics, we suggest possible design approaches consistent with the client's preferences. Where these might impair the functionality of the site, we advise our clients about the consequences of their choice to help them make an informed decision.


We use our skills to ensure the most effective and efficient site is constructed that meets our client's needs, consistent with agreed design and content requirements.


We use our skills to maximise the site's utility for visitors, and to ensure the greatest ease of navigation for visitors to the site. As far as possible within the design brief, our sites are designed to load quickly.


We comply with international and de-facto standards for Web coding, or, where a particular effect is desired by our client, we ensure this does not cause problems for users with non-compliant browser software.


We see our most important responsibility as delivery to our client of a product that is fully functional for as many visitors as possible, and to advise the client about how this can be achieved. This takes absolute priority over any inclination on our part to demonstrate virtuoso design skills where these conflict with client and user needs.


We advise our clients about the ownership of intellectual property and the client's responsibility for the content of the site.


We have the responsibility to the best of our ability to advise our clients where site content appears to be deceptive or untruthful, or where it may contravene local laws. We have the ethical responsibility to refuse a job that appears to involve illegal content.


We consider that follow up support and maintenance is a vital part of the web site design contract.

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